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Best Friends Forever

Published by: ‎ Bookouture

Release Date: January 12, 2023

Pages: 338

ISBN13: 978-1803148946

I know my best friend has a terrible secret. How far will I go to keep it?

Emma and I were inseparable. Growing up, we did everything together. Until the unspeakable night that everything changed. So I ran away—from my mom, my sister, everything I knew, and Emma and I haven’t spoken since.

My sister Lily was at the beach that night too. She hasn’t been able to utter a single word since. That was ten years ago.

Now, Mom and Lily need my help and I realize I can’t run from the past forever. I’m ready to talk to Emma, ready to try and move on.

But the day I arrive home, Emma is found dead, and everything I thought I knew is in free-fall.

Because if someone killed Emma, then they must know about me. And I realize it’s only a matter of time until I’m next. Unless I can find them first… after all, they say best friends are forever – and no one knows how far I’m willing to go to keep our secret hidden. Do they?

An utterly gripping and compelling psychological thriller with twists and turns to die for. If you love Karin Slaughter, Paula Hawkins and Freida McFadden, you’ll love Best Friends Forever.


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