"Bad Moon Rising"

July 2019

Mystery Weekly Magazine

"It's All About The Cat"

March 2019

The Saturday Evening Post

"The Heat"

March 2019

Tough: Crime Stories

"My One Regret"

Issue 7

June 2019

Dual Coast Magazine

"Dying Print"


March 2019

Wild Musette Journal

"Detecting Fear"

June 2014

Suspense Magazine 

"It's In The Bag"

Volume 5

July 2017

Dark Lane Anthology

"Love With Bite"

Issue 17

September 2017

Five: 2: One Magazine

"Holy Habits"

December 2018

Enigma Anthology

"Mountain Of The Lost

June 2016

The Bacchanal

"The Hungry Games" 

Spring 2016

Stinkwaves Literary Magazine

"Campfire Tales"

January 2016

Best Horror Shorts 2015

"The Ice Cometh"

Winter 2015

East Coast Literary Review

“Searching for Sunshine”

 Vol.4, #12

November 2016

Heater Magazine.

"A New Tomorrow"

Issue 5

December 2015

The Wolfian


October 2015

Nightmares & Echos 2: The Return

"A Little Bit Of Murder"

March 2014

Twisted Endings

"Memory Deep"

December 2014

Loch Shock

"Campfire Tales"

Issue 18

January 2015

Dark Moon Digest


July 2014

Over My Dead Body!

"Apocalypse How"

September 2016

Forever Hungry Anthology

"Trail Of Bones"

January 2015

Wyldwood Anthology

"Bewitched By The Web"

January 2015



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